22 December 2011


There is much to be said for kindness.There is much to be said for remembering why we are here and the contributions we want to make to the world that we live in. The video that I embed here came to me from a Facebook friend via a friend of his. I guess this says something about the inter-connected world in which we now live. It also reminded me that I was never really good friends with this person and as I reflect on that I find I wish I had taken more time to get to know the person because now I feel that I have missed out.

Yet, thank you for sharing this.

So, watching this video was quiet thought-provoking. The smallest acts of kindness will one day find their way back to us. It matters not to me that there are people out there that think that this sort of thing is a crock. Clearly the world as a whole is not there yet, but to aspire to something greater is a worthy aspiration that we should all share. So, how about a little bit of kindness?


anong said...

will you ever read this?

anyway, hearty congratulations on what you and the school have done in western NSW. Saw a 5-10 minute spot in Jakarta last night. About 12 seconds with you.

Rob Baiton said...

Yes, I have read it!

Were you counting my contribution to the second? Nice ;)

It is amazing how almost 20 minutes of interview footage comes down to that, innit?

However, the story was about the kids and not about me. So, I would have gladly given up those 12 seconds of fame so the kids could enjoy another 12 seconds of fame for themselves.