13 April 2011

Let's Talk Recognition...

National Reconciliation Week will soon be upon us (27 May - 3 June). It is hardly surprising that I am more aware of events in the Indigenous calendar than I have been in the past. The "more aware" is an increased awareness before the fact rather than watching the news and going "oh yeah, it is Reconciliation Week". I work in a school that is a touch over 90% indigenous, and loving it!

The theme of Reconciliation Week this year is "Let's Talk Recognition". Recognition can happen in many ways, and let's face it we all love to be recognised. However, a key part of recognition is to ensure that the "First Australians" are recognised in the Australian Constitution.

If you want to check out what is happening during Reconciliation Week, then head here.

But on the recognition front, check out the Colli Crew...