15 April 2011

Lady Gaga, Tex Saverio and Harper's Bazaar...

A good story out of Indonesia and recognition of an up and coming young Indonesian designer, Tex Saverio.

The world is already pretty aware of Lady Gaga's fashion sense. It is not like you can miss it; meat dresses and all. So, it was good to read, albeit in The Jakarta Globe, that Lady Gaga has opted to wear a dress designed by Tex Saverio (aka Rio) in a recent Harper's Bazaar shoot.

The dress, or is it a gown, is commercially available for a cool IDR 33 million (AUD 3,500).

It is always great to read about young Indonesians making their mark on the world.

That is a pretty awesome tattoo happening there across his right elbow, a phoenix by the looks of it.