10 November 2009

Smells Like Bullshit...

Here is a little gem from the Indonesian Attorney General. This was offered to Commission III at the Indonesian House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat / DPR), as reported by The Jakarta Post:

There is no evidence of bribery. But there is other proof to lead us to conclude the violation took place, although we have no adequate evidence of the acceptance of bribes.

This is clearly double-speak nonsense. Two parts of the quote state that there is not only no evidence but what they have is inadequate. This is then moderated by there is proof that the violation, in this case bribery and extortion, took place.

Now, if this is what the Attorney General intends to proceed to trial on, then he really must start packing his bags and cleaning out his office.

The president has no choice but to intervene. The AG must be dismissed and replaced by someone who has a better understanding of what the law requires for an indictment to be made and a trial to be undertaken. Simply, the "proof" that the AG is referring to is clearly the recanted testimony of a number of suspects and witnesses. The fact that the proof has been recanted suggests that the prospects for success at trial would be somewhere between nothing and a snowflake's chance in hell.

It is way past time for the police and the AGO to give this one up.

No apologies for the title of this post or the picture.


Brett said...

Great minds think alike (or lawyers see the same things): I blogged about this one as well. I wonder whether he has been misquoted or whether something has been lost in translation. Surely he is not that stupid?

Rob Baiton said...


One would hope that it is a loose translation and that there are bits missing.

Nevertheless, the longer it goes on the more it sounds like that is about the sum total of what the police and the AGO have in this case; a little bit of circumstantial conjecture acknowledged (or alleged?) as a frame.

Oh well.

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