14 May 2009

Russian Caravan Tea

My current tea of choice is Russian Caravan Tea.

I think it is my current choice because of the smoky flavours of the Lapsang Souchong. However, Russian Caravan Tea is not really Russian but a blend of Oolong, Keemun, and Lapsang Souchong that was transported by camel caravans from China through Russia and to Europe. Apparently, the tea was a favourite of the Russian aristocracy, but that is not why I drink it.

I was never able to find it in Jakarta or more widely in Indonesia. However, no such dramas now that I am back in Australia.

As a matter of fact I am drinking a pot of it now.


lawcul said...

Come on, a cuppa of russian, with a touch of antasari, would really hit the spot...

By the way its not so much the russian part of the name of that tea which is intriguing to me, its the caravan word - I sort of imagine lumps of congealed camel sweat and hair amongst the shrivelled leaves

Rob Baiton said...



Nice image that, the congealed camel sweat :D

Nevertheless, remains the current tea of choice (having me a cuppa of the Russian Caravan Tea right now).