12 May 2009

Favourite Movies

One of my all time favourite movies is Chariots of Fire. I have a few favourites, in terms of movies, if one can have more than one favourite? I love the Vangelis soundtrack, I have always found the soundtrack to be inspirational and load it onto all things that play music and it is therefore on my iPod. The movies is a favourite because it is a feel good film but one with a message. Despite the liberties that have been taken with some of the facts, which I could list but won't (no need to bore you with the detail).

Many might argue that there is a Christian message to be had in the film, but I think the message is a much broader one; it is one of principles and commitment to an outcome and perhaps even a criticism of the anti-semitic behaviours of the time.

I admire people who know what their principles are and are able to stick to them no matter what the personal cost. I truly believe in karma and that sticking to your principles will ultimately be rewarded. I know that sticking to my guns (or principles) has cost me in the past and will undoubtedly cost me again in the future. Yet, there are some things that just have to be done.

Life is undoubtedly what we make it, so it rings true that the power comes from within, whether you attribute this to a God or some other power then so be it. However, if it makes you a better person then what can possibly be wrong with that.

The above portrait is of Eric Liddell, the Flying Scotsman.

Vangelis' soundtrack can be found below:

And of Eric Liddell's 400m race:



lawawe said...

Do you think you will blog with the same verve about Aus as you did about Indonesia, after a while living back there??

I wouild guess for someone like you "its all the same" - you would be equally blogful .... Why do I say that? well you dont seem to get your kicks from poking fun at the place where you live; or worse, laying into it - like some people we know who blog here

Rob Baiton said...


I think I will. I am actually less distracted here in Australia than I was in Indonesia. The distractions are irrelevant to this comment though :D

There is good and bad in all places. I will certainly call things as I see them, albeit sometimes a little too diplomatically, I loved living in Indonesia.

I am the eternal optimist, and therefore I always hold out real hope that one day Indonesia will reach its potential. I have a similar hope for Australia, as I do not believe Australia has reached her potential either.

What's the point of laying into the things that we witness if we are not also prepared to offer up solutions of reasoned commentary on how things can be improved?

I have tended to comment less and less on places like IndonesiaMatters and that is not because I find the material offensive or plain rude, but rather because most commentators are not really into constructive debate and generalize. For example, the thread on Dating Indonesian Girls.

I, generally, like to seem the places where I live become better. Now that I am a dad I feel obligated to ensure what I leave young Will is better than what I inherited.

That's just me I suppose.