22 March 2009

Washington DC

It is always nice to come back to Washington DC. I really enjoy the mix of history and the hustle and bustle. Simply, it is a place with a rich history that has made a nation and the hustle and bustle of a place always on the move seeking out the best possible future.

As I was travelling around on buses and trains, I found myself wondering when Jakarta might have a public transportation of some similar kind. I am resigned to the fact that it might be a long time off. Oh well!

Yesterday, I, along with the UPH team, did the standard monument walk-a-round. I could have done more monuments, but the team was hungry and cold so we headed off to find food and ended up in Chinatown. The photos of this little journey will be posted later.

Today, was a long day. It did not start until after midday, which I guess is some consolation, and started with lunch with our gracious host, the Education Attache at the Indonesian Embassy. We were joined by the UI team for the occasion. The lunch was a Chinese buffet and it was pretty good value for money at USD 15 dollars (plus tax).

After lunch we ended up in Georgetown. I really enjoy Georgetown as it has a laid back casual air to it. I also like the mix of branded shops, sole traders, and book and music stores. There is a really good Barnes & Noble Bookstore that I was able to spend a couple of hours wandering around. I bought a few books for Will and myself. I am still looking for the gift that the missus wants and I need to find a good craft shop in order to get it.

The day ended after a good French meal, a bus ride, and a taxi ride back to where we are staying. The french food was exceptional and I am going to write a little review of that part later.

The team as usual has passed out or gone straight to bed. The jet lag seems to be still lingering. Hopefully, they will have that under control sometime tomorrow as the competition starts with the orientation session on Sunday and competition proper on Monday.

Something that I am noticing is that the people I am meeting are so much more friendly and approachable than I remember them of the past. Maybe I have forgotten, but the service that I have received over the past couple of days has been excellent. In Barnes & Noble the service went above and beyond, which is a pleasant change from what I have been used to in other parts of the world.

More updates to follow.


boneman said...

WELCOME! Sir, what a great day it is to have you on our shores!
And, if you have any problems, call me, for I can open many doors!
There's the door to the kitchen, though broken and ragged.
The dog door out bag is just a bit jagged...
but we're planning on having a door to te piano room used.
(course that's because our front door is broken, a bit abused)

The bathroom door never did fit right
I mean it closes, but, not too tight.
But it's just us men folks here, so that's alright!
however I don't know how to get you on another flight...

to Indianapolis?!?
Are you kidding me!?
Of all the places to travel to!
It's still around 43!
And that's our high temps, I'm joking you not!
But, I'll tell you what, there's something we got!

We have a Chinese buffet here
that serves great chow, and knows money's dear.
Five or six bucks during the day!
And if that don't get you, we have a Subway!
Or go to the Friendly get sandwiches and a beer!

Oh, sure, I'm dreaming, what's the chance?
You've got serious business! not time to dance!
Around the countryside, here or there.
Seeing and smelling the buffalo in the air!
(they're just down the road, though,
behind a not tall enough fence)

OK, dreaming's over, I'm glad for your good flight!
If you should meet our President, if you would, would you might?
Ask him if he got my letter?
If he did, I'de sure feel better.
I had so many ideas to help get things right!

But, no money in my pockets.
It's in my brain, all the rockets!
Of prosperity again!
And, I'm not afraid of work or pain!
Just tired of DC baking all the wrong bets.

Well, enjoy your stay, and if you get time?
Virginia and North Carolina are fine!
Just getting a bit warmer there.
Oh, and they'll charm you a new head of hair!
Well, away I go...I hear one of my dogs cryin'

(or is it me?)

Brett said...

Wow, fingers crossed! This is going to sound PATHETIC, but I think we're sponsoring the the team. Can you subtly ask one of the guys whether Suryomurcito & Co/Rouse fronted any cash?

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks. Very nice piece.


UPH or UI? I will ask my team later today.

Ben said...

I am no road warrior, but been to DC and always thought its public transport although good, is not as good as other cities in developed world (say Tokyo for one).
So when you said that even to catch up with DC Jakarta still have a long way to go, that really shows how terrible we are....

Ouch.. !

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for dropping by ;)

I have been to Tokyo as well, and feel that my anecdotal experience of both suggests they are much of a muchness.

To each their own on that front.

The point still stands though that Jakarta still has a fair way to go.

Ouch indeed.

tikno said...

Glad to read your trip. Hopefully you and your family are in good health there.