27 July 2007


The hukumonline.com experience is a unique and fascinating view into the mind of successful individuals giving back to the community that has provided for them over their professional and personal journeys.

The hukumonline.com journey started with a desire to build a repository of Indonesian laws and regulations that were easily accessible at a central location. Considering, this is the age of technology it made sense to make this central and easily accessible repository one that was available online. Thus was born the www.hukumonline.com concept. Seven years into the future this concept has evolved and grown into Indonesia's premier legal news, information, and legislation database.

This past 14 July 2007 was hukumonline.com's 7th birthday and the celebrations are set to culminate with a re-launching of new products and new ventures, in essence a re-visioning of that original dream into the realities of 2007. This will see the launch of an English language version of the hukumonline.com site and a vast range of new interactive and collaborative ventures that will allow hukumonline.com's more than 70,000 registered users and subscribers to add their very own content to the hukumonline.com site, a sort of hukumpedia if you prefer.

The successes over the years have been mounting and within legal professional, government, and business circles where there is a need for real time legal news and analysis hukumonline.com has already become synonymous with accurate and telling analysis of issues that effect the way law is practiced in Indonesia. It is the goal of hukumonline.com to build and expand on this success to continue to influence the way law is practiced in Indonesia and to continually provide a forum for a greater understanding of Indonesian law, not only for Indonesians but for anyone with an interest in the law.

So, Happy 7th Birthday hukumonline.com, may it be the first in a long line of many more to follow.

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Well put Rob!!