05 November 2007

Benjamin Franklin

"A countryman between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats."

This quote certainly fuels the sentiment, the anti-lawyer sentiment that is! I hope I never become that bitter and twisted that I see my fellow human beings as just another meal ticket on the road to riches...it certainly was not the reason that motivated me to study or practice law!


Pan Mohamad Faiz said...

Hello Sir..

Finally i found the person who manage this impressive blawg. And honestly i'm quite surprised because it's you, My Legal English Lecturer on "English for Lawyer (EFL)" held by Senat FHUI.

Still remember me, Sir?

Big respect for your willingness to share legal-knowledge to our Indonesian Legal Community. Danke!

The Advocate said...

I remember!

Anonymous said...

i think you want to edit my homework.i never though will end up with your blogs.more opinion about law rob.